• To provide skilled training to the unskilled and unemployed as well as sick and recovered people who are part of the BCDC.

  • To create a forum for training both able and disabled people to be self-supportive by learning trade.

  • To identify and develop youth talents through offering skills training and mentoring couching.

  • To improve the well being of vulnerable groups by addressing social problems within the community through conducting skills sessions.

  • To provide a platform where community members can meet and share ideas in a small and closer knit group.


  • To instill a sense of belief and self-reliance in the people to make them independent rather than dependents on handouts.

  • To restore orphans and HIV vulnerable people to their former selves through provision of basic health education.

  • To offer counselling to those who are infected and affected.

  • To empower young and old people with knowledge through conducting life skills sessions.